Hugh A. Marshall Landscape Contractors, Inc. embraces the beauty of a job well executed. Our specialized masonry crew is highly skilled and we pride ourselves in using the very best hardscaping materials to ensure every brick, stone or paver is placed with confidence that our work will last.

Which is best for your project? Dry-Laid vs. Wet-Laid

Dry-laid stone is a method of construction where individual stones are laid on a bed of sand and gravel, and the design is held together by tightly compacted sand. You can get creative on a less-traveled patio by using a chunkier gravel or planting hardy groundcovers between the stones instead of sand. The biggest benefit to dry-laid stone is flexibility, and the ability to correct mistakes and gradual shifts and imperfections in time.

Wet-laid stone is the direct opposite of dry-laid stone: The stones are laid on a concrete slab or other mortared surface, then mortared together for a permanent finish. In high-traffic areas, a finished wet-laid stone patio won’t cave under the pressure and will last for many years. It’s also lower maintenance than Dry-Laid

Project Ideas:

Cobble Stone Driveway, Brick Walkways, Bluestone Patio, Outdoor Grill or Fire Pit, Sturdy Mailbox and Driveway Pillar, Retention Stone Wall for elevated beds, and SO MUCH MORE!